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“Planet” isn’t just part of our name—it’s part of who we are. We’re launching the Planet Oat Project, which is dedicated to helping the world we live in through water, land and wildlife efforts.

For us, Planet Oat is the place where the whole world revolves around oats. Oats pack a lot of punch, taste delicious, and are environmentally-friendly. Growing oats requires low water use, land use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Partners

We’re highlighting several non-profit organizations who are responsible for amazing feats in clean water, clean land, and wildlife conservation. We’re kicking off the Planet Oat Project by bringing awareness to: Oceanic Society, Clean Trails, and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Elephants are smart, emotional, self-aware and highly social creatures. But today, this amazing species faces big threats to its survival. To do our part, Planet Oat is supporting the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization in Kenya that operates the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world.


Clean Trails

Oats are good for the land—that's why so many farmers use them to repair the soil and keep pests away when rotating crops. Inspired by the good deeds of our star ingredient, Planet Oat is doing its part to help improve the land by teaming up with Clean Trails, an organization that helps beautify trails and the land surrounding them.


Oceanic Society

Oats seem to naturally understand that water is precious, requiring much less water than other dairy-alternatives. In that spirit, Planet Oat is joining the Oceanic Society in their fight for clean oceans worldwide. In addition to providing hands on support, the Oceanic Society helps to build awareness of why it's so important to keep our oceans clean and use less water - just like our oats do.


National Clean Up Day is September 19, 2020!

From coast to coast, organizations and individuals volunteer to clean up our parks, trails, beaches, mountains & open spaces. Planet Oat is partnering with Clean Trails, as they do a tremendous job with clean-up efforts across the U.S. and ensure that lands nationwide are kept clean. Click the link below and fill out the form to receive your very own Planet Oat Project Clean Up Kit with everything you’ll need to host your very own Clean Up, wherever you are!

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We're just
getting started!

At Planet Oat, we believe that everyone deserves an amazing oatmilk and an amazing world. By supporting the Planet Oat Project and choosing oatmilk as your favorite non-dairy option, you’ll help to support and grow the organizations we work with. Additionally, we’ll be partnering with environmentalists who will visit, experience, and capture the amazing impact these organizations have on the earth and regularly share content from these worldwide excursions. We invite our community to join us on this journey by following #PlanetOatProject across social media.

Join the conversation!

Become an oatsplorer and use the hashtag #PlanetOatProject to get involved and follow the adventures.